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Russian Icon: Mother of Vladimir of God (with gold leaf stamped).

Origin: Palekh, Russia.

Date: 2016.

It is to ‘the Vladimir image of the Most Holy the Mother of God’ that warriors has vowed fidelity to Motherland, and died at the battlefield. And it is upon her protection that Russia has always set its hopes in the years of hardships.

Russian icons are typically paintings on wood, often small, though some in churches and monasteries may be much larger. Some Russian icons were made of copper. Many religious homes in Russia have icons hanging on the wall in the krasny ugol, the ‘red’ or ‘beautiful’ corner.

Most Russian icons are painted using egg tempera on specially prepared wooden panels, or on cloth glued onto wooden panels. Gold leaf is frequently used for halos and background areas; however, in some icons, silver leaf, sometimes tinted with shellac to look like gold, is used instead, and some icons have no gilding at all.

Icon painting was and is a conservative art, in many cases considered a craft, in which the painter is essentially merely a tool for replication. The painter did not seek individual glory but considered himself a humble servant of God.

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